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SADDLEWORX​​​​ stands for quality and old fashioned service.

Based in Bathurst, New South Wales, Saddleworx has provided nationwide quality saddlery repair, restoration and custom leather work for over a decade.

Using only the best quality leathers and materials available, our experienced saddler and restoration specialist has the skill, care and attention to detail you expect.

When you contact Saddleworx, you deal directly with a saddler and restoration specialist who will promptly answer all your enquiries.

Saddleworx services include: counter-line, re-stuff, re-felt, girth points/straps, saddle tree repairs, historically accurate repair and replication of leather antiques and museum pieces, alterations and custom leather work to suit your lifestyle, hobby or interest. Replication of your favourite saddlery or leather work that might be beyond repair or restoration and repair and restoration of all saddles and saddlery - western, cutting, roping, rodeo, side saddle, stock saddle, general purpose, Spanish, military, miniature, vaulting rollers, draft harness and collars, cart saddles, bridles, whips and associated tack.
Saddleworx offers a selection of new and used items such as: saddles, bridle harness, stirrup leathers, surcingles, belts, reins, shoeing cases, whips, gators, breast plates, collars, gun slings and holsters. Additional items are added regularly.

We also offer, tutoring and kits to individuals, groups and schools. Projects to suit all abilities and interests are covered..

Contact Saddleworx now to discuss your requirements.

Services are available via courier, Australia Post and prior arranged appointment in Bathurst City.


All restoration work is carried out with care and attention to detail using tradition materials, methods of the original artisans and dedication to historical accuracy.

Modern conservation and preservation techniques are employed to ensure work carried out is appreciated by future generations.

All of the following can be repaired, replicated and restored.

This is by no means an exhaustive list:
- Coach and carriage work - leather suspension & hinging
- Leather bound boxes and trunks
- Sea chests
- Pre 1940s leather luggage
- Leather plate armour
- Knife sheaths
- Sword and rifle scabbards
- Militaria
- Americans pre 1920s (wild west)
- Strapping
- Rocking horses

- Saddles and saddlery 

Replicate your favourite item, or produce a unique item to your specification and design.

Custom leatherwork to suit your lifestyle, hobbies and interests made from the best quality materials.


Repairing most pre 1950s and custom leather products.

Saddleworx performs all saddlery repairs and specialises in Australian stock saddles.

All restitching of saddles and saddlery, damaged and missing parts replicated repaired or replaced using traditional methods and materials.

Counterlining/re-lining - for when the underside of your stock saddle or draft collar loses its cushioning effect, using the best pure wool serge stuffed with horse hair. Counter lining to suit horse and rider. All patching and repairs to panels.

Re stuffing – for when your stock saddle underside fabric is intact but needs to have its cushioning effect restored.

Re stuffing/re flocking for all leather lined saddles.

Knee/thigh pads recovered.

Saddles re seated.

Girth points/straps and rigging replicated and replaced.

All saddle trees repaired.

Damaged parts replicated and replaced.

Alterations to saddlery and saddles.